Claims Management

Claims Management

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Claim Management


– Claim is a request for a benefit for which the Claimant believes or contends he is entitled for.

– Contractual Claim is an entitlement under the contract itself where specific provisions or implied conditions of the contract can be invoked to support the entitlement.

– Contractor may claim against the Employer for

– Time (Delay Events)
– Cost (Loss and Expenses)
– Cost of Changes (Variations)

 – The correct way of presenting a Claim to the Engineer, is to represent the logical linking of the effect with the cause

– The Claim must be presented in a professional manner with sufficient details including

Basis of Claim

Evidences (supporting documents) of Claim

Analysis & Calculation of Claim Impact

Conclusion & Entitlement



Heads of Claim

Construction Schedule Acceleration

Defective and Deficient Contract Documents

Schedule Delay

Differing Site Conditions or project circumstances

Impossibility of Performance

Owner Maladministration

Work Suspension and stoppages

Extra works

Out of Specification works



Approach Summary

The Claim must be presented in a professional manner with sufficient detailsclaim
Most probably that there will be a negotiation session in order to conclude each Claim,
To record the entitlement For each Claim, special Form can be utilized

Key Features of Our Service

Option 1: Claim Management System Implementation
Implementation of customized Claim Management System by our dedicated teams of technical experts and transfer this knowledge to clients core team.
Creation of claim management system procedures and workflows.
Implementation of the claim management system software.
Pilot implementation with the contribution of the core team to allow practical transfer of knowledge.
Post implementation extended service via technical support and troubleshooting.


Option 2: Claim Preparation
Claim preparation by our dedicated teams of technical experts, with underwriting and risk engineers involvement during the claims process to ensure broad appreciation of any situation
Prompt response to new and existing claims to facilitate timely and informed decisions in achieving positive solutions.
Direct broker/client access to appointed claims professionals to establish speedy and effective communications and common understanding between all parties.
A pre-qualified panel of experts with proven track record that can be called upon whenever necessary to support the investigation and analysis to the mutual benefit of all parties.
Respect and recognition of contractual relationships and cash flow.


Similar Projects in Gulf

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Preparing the EOT claims (67 Events) for SAUDI OGER, KAFD project, Riyadh KSA. (completed)
Claim Management System Implementation for AL AQARIA (Qatar Real Estate Investment Co.), Doha Qatar. (completed)
Claim Management System Implementation for SAUDI AIRLINES EMPLOYEE CO-OPERATIVE, Jeddah KSA. (Ongoing)
Claim Management Services (System Implementation, Current Projects Claims Preparation) for NAIROZI CONTRACTING CO., Jeddah KSA (Not Started-Contract Stage)


Our Claims Team

Our highly qualified teams of claims professionals have detailed knowledge of handling claims in jurisdictions throughout the world.
Our dedicated claims personnel are on hand to deal with the technical issues that can arise from the large and complex claims that sometimes occur during the delivery of a construction project. Our primary objective is to investigate and resolve claims as smoothly as we can.
It is by working closely with underwriters, risk engineers, brokers and clients, that PROGRESS CONSULT’ claims teams can provide a premier level of service and timely solutions for all claims issues.

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