Quality Management Office (QMO)

Quality Management Office (QMO)

Quality Management Office (QMO)

The Quality Management Office (QMO), formerly known as the Office of Planning and Quality Management (OPQM) assists the University, Municipality and Ministry in the development, implementation, recommendation and improvement of specific plans and activities for the Quality Management System (QMS). It also assumes a leadership role in the achievement of the University, Municipality and Ministry quality policies and objectives to ensure maturity and sustainability of the QMS across the operations of the academic and support units in accordance with the external requirements/standards.


The Quality Management Office commits to an ambiguous commitment to the high standards of quality spreading through all dimensions of academic activities and support services in sustaining the University, Municipality and Ministry leading position in Quality Management System.


The Quality Management Office envisions itself in embracing a sustainable system and resilient culture of integrated quality management within the University as crucial instruments for continuous improvement and is critical to optimizing the University, Municipality and Ministry quality services in achieving their vision.

Services Offered

Quality Management Team

  • Quality Control

The quality control service compares and validates the services of the academic, support and administrative units versus the following standards: ISO (International Standards Organization) 9001:1008.

  • Quality Assurance

The quality assurance service verifies the processes which the University follows in order to ensure that they conform to the specified standards.

  • Quality Audit

The quality audit reviews the policies, processes & procedures, and practices to determine if the institution or unit is achieving its quality objectives.

  • Functions

o    ISO – Quality Management System Implementation

o    Document core processes

o    Assist in quality manuals preparation

o    Assist in setting of performance metrics

o    Conduct quality trainings to support ISO implementation

o    Prepare/assist in preparation of ISO-required documents

o    Institute continuous organization-wide improvement systems

o    Institute continuous organization-wide learning of quality concepts and methodologies

o    Integrate, align and synchronize other quality methodologies/concepts with ISO-Quality Management System


Planning and Development Team         

  • Development Service

The development service focuses on the improvement of systems & structures, programs and the efficient use of resources.

Institutional Capacity Building Team  

The institutional capacity-building unit ensures that the resources of the University are empowered in order to complete the development programs and plans of the whole institution. It has two major services: 1) capacity-building and 2) other studies and researches.

Excellence Model Team  

Implementing the EFQM Excellence Model

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