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Project / Program Management Office (PMO) Setup and Development

PROGRESS CONSULT helps organizations to setup and develop project management office (PMO) to centralize and coordinate the management of projects under its domain. The PMO focuses on the coordinated planning, prioritization and execution of projects and subprojects that are tied to the parent organization’s or client’s overall business objectives

PROGRESS CONSULT consultants can help in providing project management support functions in the form of identification and development of project management methodology, best practices, standards, templates, and other shared documentation; setup and configuration of a centralized repository and management for both shared and unique risks for all project information; selecting and implementation of the appropriate project and portfolio management tools (see item 1 above). Extended PMO scope or additional services such as support in the first phases of the operation are also offered by PROGRESS CONSULT.

Feasibility Studies

PROGRESS CONSULT provides structured approaches and implement proved techniques such as benefit measurement methods, comparative approaches, scoring models, benefit contribution, or economic models. Alternatives are generated and studied through subject matter experts from within or outside our company to present a decision aid to our clients in selecting their project strategies.

Tendering Procedures and Contract Award

In this stage, PROGRESS CONSULT works with owners and consultants in pre-qualifying the prospective contractors, IT software and hardware vendors or suppliers by testing their technical and financial capabilities, preparing short list, preparing tender documents and Request For Proposals (RFP), update cost estimates, issue and evaluate tenders and assist in negotiating and awarding the contract to the successful bidder.

Schedule Management

PROGRESS CONSULT provides schedule management techniques using the best recognized scheduling systems and by implementing clearly defined procedures for schedule development, updating and control.

PROGRESS CONSULT teams review and validate contractor/Vendor schedules and reports and provide clients with master and detailed schedules for submittals delivery, procurement, approvals, implementation and testing among comprehensive reporting and analysis on weekly basis to let Clients keep an eye on the project by informing them about the project status and the road ahead.


Cost Management

PROGRESS CONSULT implements modern techniques such as Earned Value Management, to control cost overruns and assure that scope or time changes are immediately reflected in money value and presented to the Client. Alternative analysis and cost savings are studied by implementing scenarios of resource allocation and optimization.

Procurement and Contract  Management

PROGRESS CONSULT provides contract administration services to its clients and their projects to ensure that the contractors and suppliers’ performance meet contractual requirements. PROGRESS CONSULT uses modern computerized contract control systems to manage correspondence, reports, submittals, requests for information, payments procedures, changes and all other project aspects up till the close-out of the contracts and archiving of information such as lessons learned, final certificates, guarantees and warranties to project files for future use.

Claims Management

Good documentation of claims and understanding of international and local arbitration procedures is a plus, which offered by our specialized experts. PROGRESS CONSULT helps in analyzing claims, advising the Client of the implication of any proposals made to him and arrange strong documentation for his case.

Implementation of Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)

Whether the desired system is for managing a complex project or it is an enterprise project management (EPM) system to manage a portfolio of projects, PROGRESS CONSULT’s structured implementation strategy helps client organization’s in the adoption of project management processes and tools to achieve visible results in a short time. PROGRESS CONSULT begins with a careful needs assesses and assemble a customized team of professionals, including a project/engagement manager, installation and integration specialists, project management and implementation.

Implementation of Six Sigma

Six Sigma projects are conducted to improve business performance linked to measurable financial results,

Although the approach is simple, it is by no means easy. But the results justify the effort expended. Research has shown that firms that successfully implement Six Sigma perform better in virtually every business category, including return on sales, return on investment, employment growth, and share price increase. Consultants, data conversion experts and certified trainers. The team designs the solution, build a prototype and then test it. This is followed by a pilot phase, rollout and documentation and testing of the final product. Our methodology is based on our clients’ needs, on size fits all is not our slogan.

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